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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
It just seems silly to me how I cant ever seem to know what im talking about. I'm one of the very few people that I know who seem to want to move up levels in NTRP.

One of the most famous people on this site "Cindy" is a 4.0 B, but if you look at her record, she has like all losses... LOL... even playing as a 3.5, but, she knows what shes talking about apparently.

I have a feeling this represents most of the people here, people who play league, but want to move down, or even people who dont play league at all.

I admit that im not a 3.0 anymore. I dont even think im a 3.5. My only real loss at 3.5 was in first singles against the team who went to sectionals, but since it was a "social" team, I won my minimum 3 (5 wins total) and only tried to win that one time just to prove to myself that I was better knowing that he was top tier 3.5. The guy that I lost to only plays 3.5 and 8.0... and hes a self rate, and this is his first season of USTA.

I can play singles against 4.0 "older" players and absolutely punish them. I only have trouble with the under 30 4.0 crowd, or 4.5 "older" players.

In light of all of this... I dont know what im talking about, because a 3.0 cant possibly be any good at all.
Why do you think that Cindy has all losses? I believe I read that she went to nationals.

Have you played actual complete matches against these "older" 4.0 players? I ask because if you are a relatively new player who "wails" on the ball like you say, those older players are generally much harder to beat than the younger 4.0 players. The older ones will force you into errors and make you hit balls you don't want to hit. The younger ones make errors and are generally easier to play.
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