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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Seems like a forced opportunity to improve your game... and there are a lot of paths to do that. I do see many 3.5s and 4.0s who have unorthodox swings... and if that's what you have, that doesn't mean you can't play at that level. Keep in mind, if your self evaluation is correct, you'll most likely be playing 2nd or 3rd doubles, or maybe 2nd singles.... most nights (unless there is stacking going on) you won't be matched against the opponents best players anyway, but 2nd tier players with holes in their games too. But again, isn't it about having fun and trying to continually improve your game?
You're right, maybe the bottom tier 4.0 players that I'll likely face are in a similar situation as me. I just need to find a 4.0 team that isn't hell-bent on winning; think they'll need some patience with me.

I do want to get better, of course, but I really don't like doing drills or getting instruction. I realize this is a choice and there are consequences, but I prefer to use my court time playing matches. I like winning and don't mind losing if it's a competitive match, but getting blown out is no fun. I will work on my doubles game/strategy and hope it pays dividends soon! Thanks for the perspective/encouragement.
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