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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
When you move up a level, you have to work on your game, otherwise you will be stuck at that level. If you have weaknesses, work on them. If you are a well-rounded player, but don't have a lot of strengths, work on developing a strength. You are probably closer than you think if you have some glaring weaknesses. If you fix those, then you will likely be competitive. My backhand used to be a weakness, and when I got bumped I made a point to work on my backhand, and now it is a strength, and that makes a huge difference in my game, I don't have a side that is really attackable now (for my level).
My main strength is my consistency and resilience. I have quite a few weaknesses, including a lack of a consistent, attacking serve, poor poaching skills, and just general lack of pace on my groundstrokes. I think I can improve my positioning and net play through experience playing doubles, but I don't think I'll make more than marginal improvements in my serve/groundstrokes. I'm 40, and probably on the decline in my tennis game that relies on my legs.
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