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Originally Posted by leech View Post
You're right, maybe the bottom tier 4.0 players that I'll likely face are in a similar situation as me. I just need to find a 4.0 team that isn't hell-bent on winning; think they'll need some patience with me.

I do want to get better, of course, but I really don't like doing drills or getting instruction. I realize this is a choice and there are consequences, but I prefer to use my court time playing matches. I like winning and don't mind losing if it's a competitive match, but getting blown out is no fun. I will work on my doubles game/strategy and hope it pays dividends soon! Thanks for the perspective/encouragement.
Don't sell yourself short. A guy near me has horrible strokes, nothing for a serve, and knees that give him fits. He is the junk ball king of pushers. He got bumped from 4.0 to 4.5 and thought similar to you.

What he didn't realize is that his anticipation skills are quite good and he has an innate ability to not miss. He went over .500 for the 4.5 adult league last spring and is known as someone you'd hate to face on a hot day on clay.

Give yourself a chance before mailing it in.
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