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Originally Posted by 10s4US View Post
You missed my point, Im saying the top %1 should be playing with players below as well, in 64 draws in Nat opens and 128-196 in 4 Nat championships giving those top 200-300-400 chance to compete and get better
and in turn be challenged with higher levels
There are very few futures, ITFs, challengers in west US

and TOP players DO affect and INSPIRE all levels of players
Michael Chang, Arthur Ashe, Agassi, Federer, Roddick's serve, the Williams sisters, all inspired new players and products
we all watched Oudin a few years back, or root for Big John,... who's the next young buck?
We are all in it together
No, I got your point just fine. Top 200-300-400 are still TINY fractions of kids playing in high schools and parks all around the country. USTA should be focused on getting more kids to play, not catering to every whims of those top players. Most of those kids already have full compliments of support and resources, 99% of the junior kids do not.

The record of USTA producing top players over last couple of decades (at least in men's side) have been abysmal. What you are suggesting is just going back to the same system that has produced jack squat.

I agree top players do inspire others. And I think the record shows that catering to those top 200-300-400 players does not produce inspiring results. What will produce better result is to get more and more juniors to participate because it will increase the chance that someone out of that increased pool will become great.

USTA needs to focus on growing the game more broadly. If cutting back on top 200-300-400 players will allow them to shift the resources to top 200,000-300,000-400,000 players, that is a wise choice to make.
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