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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I have a friend from the old, old school who still plays with a wood racket. He just went through shoulder surgery. What is better for him in terms of an arm friendly racket, a racket like the Volkl Power Bridge 10 or the wood racket?
The heavy woody might put more stress than his aging body can handle during the swing, especially on serve.

Different story on impact. On impact , the much, much more flexible woody transfer much less shock to the arm and shoulder. But it also vibrates much more. However, the vibration is probably filtered down by the time it gets to the shoulder, so shock is the thing to watch out for.

So it really comes down to figuring out if the shoulder is getting stressed during the swing or during impact. I would suspect that it's during the swing, unless he's late to contact and his arm is getting jarred. If it is the weight during the swing causing problems he could try a very flexible mid like the Vantage BC20 (wood core), Exo Tour, or one of the woods that came in relatively light and with low swingweight, like the Wilson Evert Pro Staff or Signature. I had an Evert Staff that was about 12.5 ounces and 320 swingweight.
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