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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
This ball would be played well inside the baseline even if it manages to catch the back of the line.

The heavy cross court return is really the most neutral shot you can play. There are many other shots I could play on this ball to go on the immediate offense or crack a clean cut winner.

DTL; DTM; cut it shot, slide it wide, lob.

Even a good top spin lob could be a winner here against the net guy. The ball only has to go like 8 ft high too, which is much lower than your normal baseline lob. Even if its not a winner, both players would be at the net while their net player is probably running back to the baseline while the server crosses to get the lob.
A 50 mph serve that you let bounce to 3 ft is going to be sufficiently back off the net. If a returner is cracking clean winners against a pair of 4.0's something is wrong with their game; not the serve.

More importantly, a team whose strategy is to even think of hitting winners on service returns, is seriously flawed. It's poor percentage double's tennis.
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