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Originally Posted by goober View Post
play singles in a flex league and maybe tournaments if you are so inclined. Play doubles on your regular 4.0 team. It will help your singles game and eventually you may even like it.
Fortunately I am in singles tennis ladder and have been fairly active in it. I have played 25 matches there (vs. a mix of 3.5 and 4.0 players and even one 4.5 player), in addition to my 8 USTA leage singles matches, so I get to play quite a bit. I didn't like the Flex league b/c the competition was not great -- it seemed half the players were playing up and it was not fun for either of us. I also signed up for a tournament this weekend, so that's another outlet to get my singles groove on.

I am playing a lot more doubles now than I ever have, being in a 6.5 and 7.5 combo league and playing social mixed doubles with my wife. Eventually I'll get the hang of it, I hope! I feel a lot of pressure to get my first serve in, or else exposing my partner as a target when they blast my weak second serve back at him. Something else to work on for me!
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