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Originally Posted by hard2explain View Post
That's my hypothesis too; the GT layers are not the external plies in the carbon fibre layup.

An individual ply is typically 1mm thick, and any carbon fibre or graphite composite is usually made up of bunch of plies with the fibres oriented in different directions, with woven and unidirectional plies.

I'm not suggesting the OP do this but if you were to sand through the rcket you'd be able to see the different ply orientations, almost like rings on a tree.

An example with fibreglass;
I didn't do anything besides removing the red and white paint. The red paint also seems to be somekind of primer, which was very tough.

And I have no idea how Babolat's factory applied that small piece of woven cloth to those spots, while keeping them flush with the other parts. Maybe that piece of cloth was already attached to a cut-out of the carbonfiber sheet, and they polished it flush before painting.
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