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Originally Posted by spot View Post
You definitely THINK that you know what you are talking about. (Though I still cant' discount satire) But you have no reason to think you are correct. You think your first serve is 110 because when you measured your serve it averaged 70? Don't you see how ridiculous you sound when you say crazy stuff like that.

If you thought you hit 110 because you used the video to determine you are hitting 110 thats fine. If you hit 110 because you asked your coach and you thought you were hitting 110 then thats fine. If you thought you hit 110 because you know someone else who has been verified at 110 and you believe your serve is just as strong then maybe its possible. INstead you are a 3.0 player who thinks you hit 110 because you are flat guessing. That makes you pretty much the definition delusional.

You stated with authority that pro doubles teams serve out wide most of the time. I posted several videos showing you how ridiculous that was. That means that you THOUGHT you were right but were again delusional and we all got a good laugh out of it.
I can see why you think im ridiculous but that doesnt make you right. I'm just having a great time here listening to all of you say that its so impossible that im as good or as capable as I say I am.

If you cannot see the relation to serving 80 mph out wide and flattening out the face and hitting 110 out the middle that tells me you guys dont know what you're talking about. To serve a quality second serve you have to have high racket head speed and great control of the face. If I have that, what makes you so sure that I cant manipulate the face to flatten out the ball and put mostly pace on it instead of spin? That is what I find silly.

I am guessing, sure, but not all guesses are created equal.

About the serving out wide in doubles, there are many counter examples, I just gave up in that thread. Here is a video, where 4 righties are playing...

If you notice, in the opening games, "someone" keeps trying to serve down the middle and that ball keeps getting punished DTL on BOTH SIDES. If you look later on in the video... he starts serving out wide instead.

We can post videos back and forth all day...

You seem to happy to have "won" that argument because you keep clinging to it. If you want to believe that you won, you won. I think that makes YOU delusional.

Anyway, I think im done with this thread, as its gone way off topic.
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