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Default Head Pro Stock Really Worth It?

Hey guys, planning on getting a Head TGT 293.2, and was wondering if they were really worth it? Like is there a night and day difference between the TGT 293.2 and the retail frame Youtek IG Prestige MP? Currently using the retail Youtek IG Prestige MP and was wondering how much different the pro stock is. Also say for example if I were to get the TGT 293.2 (not the XL version, the regular length) and I took off all the lead in the grommet and leather grip and tried to match the specs of the pro stock to the retail Youtek IG Prestige MP, would there be a clear difference between them despite the fact that I tried to make both rackets the same? Also wondering what benefits the Pro Stock has over the regular retail frame.

Thanks a bunch
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