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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Holy crap thats funny. To try and prove your point you not only had to try and find a low angle, amateur, handheld videocamera of players who aren't even good doubles players and where its tough to see where the ball was even served. But even in the video that you HAND PICKED there are still significantly more serves down the middle than there out wide.

That is pretty much the definition of delusional. This is why everyone gets a good laugh out of it when you post.
He's been in my Ignore file for a while so I don't get to laugh at him until someone else quotes him. I really thought JakeMcClain had set the bar pretty high in the contest for most delusional TW Adult forum poster (the General Pro Player forum is a whole different stratosphere of delusional) but NTRP blows by him like a Porsche past a Yugo.
Thanks TW for the version reversion and Xenforo FTW!
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