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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Speaking of decks..I do miss decks so much. It set a bar that is now gone. I help book DJs here sometimes and it is so annoying how these guys with zero skills come in and make diva demands and tell me they "know what they are doing" when they tell me how the house EQs should be Hate hate hate those guys, and we have a ton of no talent Fullsail kids with laptops masquerading as DJs here right now.
Vinyl made dj's technically better
But the way to merge songs and actually pick them right, plus felling what the crowd wants is the secret of a good dj IMO.
I tried VDJ and Traktor after many years of MK2 and it is easier of course but it also has a lot of positive points.

About Ibiza and the level dropping: you're right Bobby. Europe showcases have nothing to do with ibiza. Totally different objectives. I've seen Villalobos in Paris and in Ibiza and it was fkin different, in a bad way.
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