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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
It's called "learning to play better tennis".
You progress faster with a crash course, might get complacent and stay 3.5 foreever if you only play 3.5 level players.
How to get used to 4.5 pace? Just hit with a 5.5, and very 4.5 is a weak hitter.
Point taken. I do play matches against a lot of players better than me (regardless of their NTRP rating) on the tennis ladder I'm a part of. Just about everyone above me hits harder than me, and we have some good matches. I'll continue to do that.

Just in USTA leagues that I feel I'll be out of my league (b/c I likely won't be selected to play singles and would be a liability at doubles at least the first year). Maybe I'll improve over the years and my apprehension is unwarranted. Will be happy to provide an update next year!
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