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Originally Posted by schap02 View Post
Haven't had much luck with them sending me the strings after sending in the coupons but several of the places I purchase strings from offer quantity discounts for usrsa members so between the free stuff and the discounts it's worth it, I usually save about $100 off eac one of my orders...
I typically receive each offer they have. It is best to just e-mail them when the offer is avail.All you need to do is give them your name and membership # with e-mail.Strings usually come in about a month or so later.

BTW, I did not know of those other places you mentioned that offered discounts to members, as I go through a lot of string. What places are these??
I know A T S was listed a % discount to members, but thats only a small select items, as I inquired to them and was basically no discounts on string when I asked.
It should not be a conflict of interest to post that here since TW sells USRSA memberships with some of their machines and this is all about the USRSA.

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