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Are you sure you have the right Cindysphinx?

My 2012 league record is about 21-26. I think that is decent for the year after a bump up. I played 7.5 combo, 8.0 mixed, 4.0 ladies. 21 of these matches were at 1D position. I had no default wins.

It's factual inaccuracies like this that confirm that you will say the first thing that pops into your head.


Who said I only know one 4.0 woman? I just talk about her the most because shes my partner for 7.0, I actually know many people in the tennis community here, many of which are 3.5 and 4.0. I have personal friends who play college (now) and are 4.5's and 5.0. I also know some 2.5's. I know a lot of people. I play tennis 4-6 days a week at all different levels, but my league ranges are limited due to NTRP restrictions. I'm actually excited to play 8.0 next year, heh. I might even skip "C" league and play "B" instead too.
So I said you have playing experience with exactly one 4.0 woman, and this is your reply?

Dude. I do not have to wait for 2013 to play 8.0 mixed. I do not base my remarks on the serving prowess of 4.0 women or the ability of 4.0 men to hit winners off of weak serves off of playing *7.0 mixed.*

Check back with us when you have actually played 8.0 mixed with and against more than one 4.0 woman. Right now, you have as much knowledge of 8.0 mixed as I have of 9.0 mixed -- none.
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