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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Which frames available today are full braided-graphite?
KPS 88 (Graphite/Kevlar double braid)
K90 (ditto)
PS85 (ditto)

Allegedly, as per Wilson:

PS 6.1 90 (graphite braid with basalt, unknown if basalt is braided in separate strands like kevlar is in the above or incorporated in some other way.)
PS 6.1 95
PS 6.1 100

Wilson said nothing about 1st gen BLX90 being braided. Seems that it's the only Tour 90 that did not have braided construction.

The Dunlop 4D series was supposed to be braided, but I don't know if it was braided tip to tail like the Wilsons or only had bits of braid (tubular woven cloth) in some areas.

Slazenger Pro Braided
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