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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
You and many other people think im delusional which is fine, but you guys never address my counter points, but instead, just personally attack.
I'm one of those who thinks you're delusional, but I've never meant to attack you personally. If I have, I apologize.

I think you're delusional because you refuse to believe that anyone who disagrees with you knows anything, despite the fact that many people here have been playing for much longer and with more success than you. You just dig yourself deeper and deeper by coming up with increasingly ridiculous counters, rather than accepting that maybe you're wrong.

Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I have measured my second serves using the FPS method and they are going between 65-85 MPH. I dont have any footage of my first serve (as ive said) but 85 is not me flattening out the serve at all. Those are all quality second serves with large amounts of spin.
You've tried to discredit those that have actually measured serve speeds using radar guns by claiming that it's not comparable to how speeds are measured for pros.

Ok, here are some speeds from an actual pro match, from this year's French Open:

Gilles Simon has been top 20 for several years, so it's safe to say he is an ok player. His average 1st is 176kmh / 109mph. His average 2nd is 133kmh / 83mph. I admit this is on the slower side for pros, but the man has been pretty successful.

So when you claim you can hit your 2nd at 85mph (or even an average of 75mph), keep in mind that you are saying your 2nd is almost at the level of Simon's. Likewise, when you claim a 110 1st, you're saying your good 1st serves are the same as Simon's ave 1st.

Simon is a long-time pro, a gifted, in-shape athlete, and has had excellent coaching in technique and strength from a very young age.

Can you say all the same for yourself?

The thing is, you just don't seem to realize how good (and rare) it is to be able to serve around 110 1st / 85 2nd on a consistent basis. And you refuse to listen to anyone who tries to tell you that.
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