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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
But the way to merge songs and actually pick them right, plus felling what the crowd wants is the secret of a good dj IMO.
I'm not sold on this... From over 20 yrs experience I can tell you crowds do not know what they want, but they do know when they are enjoying it. They're not the same thing.

I liken good entertainment of most forms as being like when you get a great meal from an restaurant - they didn't ask you to tell them what should be in it (other than broad strokes), and you don't tell them how to make it, but somewhere in their magic skillset they come up with something you love, but didn't necessarily know you wanted. McDonald's might be plainly obvious what you're getting, but you will never get memorable food there. A good club night will be mystical and memorable and the road to that never relies on playing music everyone expects all night.

McDonald's is like pop music, nice restaurants are all the sub-genres of music. Everyone goes to McDonald's because sometimes it's just convenient - but it doesn't make it good food. They're just predictable and safe.

A DJ ideally should be the person with the knowledge and experience to shepherd the crowd, entertaining them with a selection which is fresh but not over their heads and familiar but not obvious. The balance is the key and where most DJs fall short - especially those with few hours playing in warm-up situations. Being able to see what is working is key - and not panicking and resorting to playing hits as soon as something doesn't work is an absolute must for any DJ to ever rise to being any better than some guy playing top 40 hits in a pub.

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