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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post

Power is where its at for 4.0 and 8.0 combos.
Nah. I know very few 4.0 women who win through power. They win by putting their opponents in awkward positions to tease out errors and making them hit the ball up for put-away opportunities. They also win by coming to net relentlessly and exploiting the angles available to them. And I know a few 4.0 men and women who win way more than I do just by playing defensively and getting everything back and being crafty.

Somewhere between 3.5 and 4.0 there is an area where people no longer make mistakes and you're required to hit winners to end points.
That is simply not true. 3.5/4.0 players of both genders make a sick number of mistakes.

Every now and then I watch my 4.0 ladies compete in doubles. I come away shaking my head every time. It seems rare that the ball goes over the net three times in a rally. Players botch easy returns. They DF. They miss easy sitters. What they rarely do is hit screaming winners. Way, way more points end with an UE than a winner in 4.0 doubles.

In doubles, this is especially evident. If I see a player who "just gets it back into play" you can bet im going to have a field day at net. The probably wont pass me and even if they do its probably not going to be a winner. If this type of player is spotted (you can tell in the warmup) I would tell my my partner to stay 1up 1back permanently and whoever is at net makes most of the points. No point in bringing both players up because there is going to be a lot of moonballing.
Two at net wins more at 4.0 doubles than 1up 1back. If the opponents are pushers or are defensive, you will do much better having both players at net in a staggered formation, ready to hit their overheads and swing volleys.

So if your approach volleys could use some polishing, you probably should get to work on them. You will definitely need them at 4.0.
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