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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Anyway to get back to topic, Court does have right to be in consideration for the greatest female player ever.

Let's have some fun and compare to the number one player on the Tennis Channel list.

Number of tounaments won
Court-Over 200

Number of majors won

Number of Grand Slams

Lifetime winning percentage
Court-about 93%

This is not to put down Federer but any male including Laver may look bad compared to Court also. She had an amazing career. Court also won her Grand Slam during the Open Era as did Laver.

I'm not sure about the popularity idea because if that's the case then why bother with players of the past? In their time I would say Suzanne Lenglen was a far bigger star than anyone and I would guess she was far down on the list. Considering she was almost unbeatable how much more could she do?
Yeah but she did a lot of that in Australia, and she was tall, and her politics and religion suck, so none of it means nothin.

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