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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I only looked at your 2012 record for which you have nothing but losses except for one default win. You played only 2D and 3D.

Who said I only know one 4.0 woman? I just talk about her the most because shes my partner for 7.0, I actually know many people in the tennis community here, many of which are 3.5 and 4.0. I have personal friends who play college (now) and are 4.5's and 5.0. I also know some 2.5's. I know a lot of people. I play tennis 4-6 days a week at all different levels, but my league ranges are limited due to NTRP restrictions.
I'm actually excited to play 8.0 next year, heh. I might even skip "C" league and play "B" instead too.

You and many other people think im delusional which is fine, but you guys never address my counter points, but instead, just personally attack.

Talk down to those people? You guys are the ones telling me I dont know what im talking about regarding serve speed because your radar gun at your club tells you so.

I pointed out that a improperly used radar guns measurement of a tennis ball can be off 20 mph or more. If you set up the radar unit wrong, it can make a 120 mph serve appear 80 mph if its measuring the racket instead of the ball. If the measurement of the ball is taken after the bounce a 120 mph serve would then be going less than 100. Then, all of a sudden, you guys think that this 120 mph serve is going only 80... that's my point.

-Serves on TV are measured as they come off the racket face. Fact.
-If you set up your radar floor unit at the net or at the opposite baseline, that's wrong because its not going to be measuring the ball as soon as it leaves the face.
-If you're using a handheld unit, you can be measuring the racket instead of the ball.

I have measured my second serves using the FPS method and they are going between 65-85 MPH. I dont have any footage of my first serve (as ive said) but 85 is not me flattening out the serve at all. Those are all quality second serves with large amounts of spin.

Call BS all you want, but I definitely know what im talking about. You guys will see when I make my 3.0 YER video because im definitely going to put some flat ones in there for all you arm chair doubters.
I've decided I can no longer take anything you say seriously. You're speaking purely from theory and do not actually have any experience in the matter. On paper, maybe you're right. But life isn't paper.
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