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I don't know about this dude. I venture to say that "most" 4.0 men consitantly hit a 40 to 50 first serve...if that when getting it in on a regular basis. I doubt it's much faster than that. A woman only needs to place and get her first serve in to keep the man from being blown off the net. I have won my fair share of 8.0 mixed matches as well as a-1 and a-2 and I know for a fact that my serve is pushing upper 30's if the truth be told. It's about your hands at the net that will make the difference. I know you will say what you would do to it but trust about 6 years or so playing 4.0 there have been plenty that have tried what you think you will do with the serves and I consistently volley it back to your baseline while you are still standing on the baseline thinking you've hit a winner. So the pace of a serve in mixed doubles is not that some cases it can hurt. Many women can get back a fast serve much easier than a spin serve if it isn't placed well. They just need to get their raquet on it.

Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
The problem is that 50 MPH is just too slow. We're also talking 8.0 and potentially 9.0 here, not 7.0 or 6.5. In 8.0, you may go up against a 3.5 girl and a 4.5 guy. What do you think a 4.5 guy is going to do to a 50 mph first serve? What do you think a 5.0 guy is going to do to that serve?

A 50 mph serve can be hit with a forehand no matter where it lands in the box so you cant realistically expect them to play a backhand. Also, at this average level of 4.0, everyone should have a topspin backhand or a "powerful slice" at the least.

A 50 mph serve wont have any movement on it at all. The racket head speed is just too low to put any useful amount of spin on it. The ball wont have any kick unless it clears like 3x the height of the net... which isnt exactly a high percentage serve.

A 4.0 should have two serves already, or one very solid serve they can use twice. If she was playing 7.0 senior+ she can get away with it. In the 8.0 arena that is a huge risk. Her first serve should be going at least 70 (flat) and I know its possible even for a senior lady to hit that. 70+ with spin as a 4.0 girl would be a great serve, but should be able to hit 70 flat at least for a first.

I'm just trying to put this into perspective. 8.0 and doubles. 50 MPH. Sounds dangerous.

You projecting?

50 mph as a first serve is extremely slow especially for MIXED DOUBLES at the 8.0 level or higher.

Not a 4.0 mixed doubles player who is trying to play 8.0.

Say w/e you want about my claims, but I assure you, when I post my YER benchmark video ill be sure to put some serves in there for all you haters. You guys just cant seem to get over the fact that someone who is lower NTRP can possibly be better than you or know what they're talking about. I should have just self rated 4.5 because my serve becomes much faster apparently.
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