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I have a feeling that Cilic 231.3 might be similar to the 269.1 (Pro Stock Youtek Radical Pro) around that 58/59 flex mark. Major difference is the squarer beam on the Microgel's compared to the Youtek. The 260.2 (pro stock Youtek Radical MP with open pattern ie - Berdych) seems to be a bit stiffer. I think that the 233.1 (Pro Stock Microgel Radical Pro) and 231.1/2/3 are very much under rated by many. The 233.1 in particular has a larger head (I think in reality perhaps a 104 inch head?) and with its stiffer frame and the really open pattern from the larger frame and thin beam is a relatively unique racquet.

The subsequent Radical Pro's have smaller heads, the 260.4 (IG Radical Pro) seemed to me to have very little pop, was quite underwhelmed by it. Felt more like a prestige than a radical to me, maybe it is the capped bumper messing with my head? The lower swingweight in comparison to the Youtek certainly made it a racquet more people could use, but it doesn't seem to hit that heavy ball that the Youtek did?
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