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Default Agassi Racquets

I started playing tennis again probably say 10 or 15 years ago and the racquet I used at the time was the Liquidmetal Radical OS. The pros at the club I hit at were huge Agassi fans and that was the latest in the retail line of racquets I guess that was most similar to what he endorsed at the time.

Following this was the Intelligence Radical OS from memory, then maybe the Flexpoint Radical OS. Not sure what happened after that, my experience with these racquets stopped at the Intelligence model.

From another thread, apparently this is the order -

260 (yellow and black),
then the gray and yellow Twin Tube,
then the gray, yellow, and red twin Tube(the pic is earlier in the thread),
then the Head Radical Ti,
Intelligence Radical,
Liquid Metal Radical,
Flexpoint Radical, and since he has been retired I have seen the
Microgel and now Youtek Radicals.

Then a few years ago, Head brought out the Limited Edition Agassi Racquet, to mixed reviews it seems.

To cut a long story short, has anyone hit all or most of these racquets and which one is seen as the best model? Is it the Trisys 260? Has anyone really compared the LE with the 260? I understand that the quality control from Austria is/was vastly superior to the Chinese racquets, but practically speaking, is there that much difference if you got a few that were of similar weight from China?

I had a hit of dubs yesterday and if there is an easier racquet to volley with I would love to know what it is! The combination of a larger head with enough weight to know where the racquet is was wonderful, really enjoyed it.
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