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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
> What do you mean my "lighter hairpins"?

The hairpin is the racquet frame not including bumper, strings, pallet, grip, buttcap. Pro Stocks have lighter hairpins to give you more flexibility in building a frame.

> Also what are the differences between the PT57a and the
> TGT293.2?

tgt293.2 is the pro stock version of the IG Prestige MP. The PT57a is from the Prestige line but far more flexible than recent retail frames.

> Currently debating between those two. Trying to find both in the
> Youtek IG Prestige paintjob and 18 x 20 string pattern

The 293.2 should cost you a lot less.

You will not find the 293.2 in Youtek though - I think that the 293.2 is one of those frames where the paintjob is part of the code. Just like the tgk238.4 only comes in YT Prestige MP paintjob.
Thanks a bunch!
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