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Alright. Some updates. The white polo is an extremely thin, not very stretchy material. Pretty underwhelming, but the price point kinda justifies it. There IS venting under the armpits and along the color accents. Zipper is kinda awkward. I prefer buttons. As previously noted, the ND logo is really lame. It's the same material as the UNIQLO red logos, and it kinda stands out as a BIG white square with a small insignia. I would've preferred a smaller square or a larger logo.

The shorts are amazing though. They fit just like Nole's on TV. Pretty slim fit. But they're stretchy just like adidas formotion ones, a big up over Nike's paper-like polyester. The pockets are terry-lined, which I guess is useful if your palms sweat. Nice details. Color is a really beautiful navy. Definitely worth the $50.
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