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Originally Posted by wangs78 View Post
I think Roger is an extrovert in the sense that he consciously makes an effort to engage with people. The fact that he is a global celebrity has made this side of his persona the dominant side because he constantly has opportunities to engage with the media, fans, etc. While he is not an introvert, I also do not think he is the kind of natural extrovert in the sense that I don't think he is naturally charismatic (like a Bill Clinton, or in tennis, maybe a Marat Safin). Using Marat as an example, Marat was clearly a party animal (and perhaps still is) but who knows was he extroverted or was he the brooding type who just liked the nightlife? In other words, I don't think Roger is someone who naturally has the gift to connect with people (again I don't think he's that charismatic, his post-match interviews often sound a little stiff and his humor is too dry, but maybe that's his Swiss side). But on the other hand, he clearly does engage fully with the media, his fans etc. so...
You have wrong understanding of extrovert vs introvert. Introvert has to make efforts to engage people because engaging people drains their energy and they need to recharge. Extrovert people gets energy from engaging with people. There are many introvert celebrities out there, and it is hard to identify which one is introvert or extrovert because we don't know whether socializing drains their energy or not.
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