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Really? That's why I used the word 'endorsed'.. I do believe he used some form of OS Radical for most of his career and not too many others did, hence 'Agassi Racquets,' essentially his signature line of sticks?

I know a bloke who has a number of his actual racquets, and no, not the remake, some racquets he played with on tour. People seem to believe that it was a made in Austria 260 under the paint most of the time? I'm not so much interested in what he used, I can go and hit with those. What I'm interested in is which of the OS radicals in the learned opinion of some the experts on these boards is the best to buy and play with now?

I'm not Andre Agassi and wouldn't even attempt to play like him. I think he might have been on the right track with using such an easy to hit head size though for us mere mortals who haven't got the time, talent or inclination to hit as many balls as the pros. Particularly when overcoming poor footwork when attempting to serve volley at doubles, I need all the help I can get!
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