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Originally Posted by BudFox View Post
I tested the Pro Staff Six.One 95 and really enjoyed it. Liked the quicker maneuverability and felt it made me concentrate on my shots more since it is more demanding. Are these two racquets comparable? On paper it seems like it, but I'd love to hear from folks who are familiar playing with both. Can't find a PSL GT at any local shops so I may have resort to demoing from TW.
I only hit with the new PS95 for a few minutes, but it does seem to play like the PSLGT. The feel is different as the PSLGT feels more muted, while the PS95 feels more harsh when hitting outside of the sweetspot. It definitely needs more mass than it has stock. Power levels are about the same. I still prefer the PSLGT to it.

These are demanding racquets and you need to be able to hit the sweetspot consistently or end up coughing up short balls. The thing is, it is hard to generate your own pace with the PSLGT and the PSLGT really comes alive when your opponent is giving you good pace. I think the PSLGT needs a 4.5+ opponent to be a good stick. I usually used my Pure Storm Tours against 4.0 and weaker 4.5s. By the way, the Tour version of your stick is a great stick with more control and a little more power. May be worth investigating it a little.
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