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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Yeah, I imagine it is not easy playing a tournament just after she changed coaches and her forehand grip.

I love the idea of the matches vs college players. We are going the same route. I simply do not see any depth in the USTA girls, outside a handful of girls, the 12s-16s is just not enough competition for an elite player. I am shocked as to how mediocre even girls ranked in the teens are. So our future will be matches vs college players and local pros, and ITFs.

Great to hear about the soccer. Take the scenic route GA. My kid enjoys soccer and also likes shooting hoops. We have no interest in winning 90% in the 12s-16s, being the best 9 year old, being the next tennis prodigy on the Ellen show, etc. The idea is to build slowly, have a great and balanced childhood, and start to peak mentally, physically, and emotionally in the later teens.

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