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Originally Posted by jmverdugo View Post
Personally I am a very competitive player, I play to win and while tennis is about having fun I certainly have a lot of more fun wining than losing, however, there is a point when winning 60 60 is not fun anymore and losing in 3 sets to really good players becomes a heck of an accomplishment and you end up with a smile in your face eventhough you lost, now imagine when you start winning!
Thanks for offering your analysis.

I'm like you in that I enjoy winning immensely more than losing, but always like to have a competitive match. I've been fortunate to be in a ladder where there are easily a dozen guys that are in my range of skill/fitness where we can and have gone three sets. I'm not discouraged if I play well and lose, but my recent doubts came to the forefront after not playing very well in my 7.5 combo matches versus opponents I likely will face in the 4.0 league next season.
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