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Yes and no regarding having to make that choice at top college programs. For example, the guy I lived with for a few years that was top-half of Duke's lineup all four years was a math and econ double major, more impressive academically than 85% of our student body probably. And I know plenty of people on Duke's team have landed huge jobs at the top banking firms out of college - those recruiters definitely like college athletes that have shown they can balance all that stuff - Clayton at Stanford landed one of those jobs too, I believe.

But, certain majors are almost impossible while playing high level college sports, so that's definitely limiting. Chemistry - no way I see it being possible, I had labs all the time during the 12-5 window of the day when teams are out there practicing, and too hard to make that stuff up with missed days for travel even if the practice schedule happened to work out. Engineering similarly has too many big afternoon blocks of time outside the lecture hall.

So, choose the right major and you can still do a killer job with top level college tennis, I've seen it plenty - if anything your resume is greatly enhanced by being on a successful team as long as you don't let your GPA go to hell. But your major choices are pared down to the ones that don't have huge blocks of time required outside the lecture hall, for sure.
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