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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
I disagree with your analysis of Gameboy's points and your assessment of how he attains his happiness.
Gameboy attains his happiness by listening to his daughter playing piano and watching her doing Singapore math. He attempted to enjoy her playing tennis but it did not pan out. So he smartly concluded that investing time and money in tennis would produce negative ROI and would just distract her from achieving the goal of his life - for her to be accepted into IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY.
A lot of the statements made by Gameboy are either ridiculous or serve-serving. Junior tennis player ranked 100-800 are the mainstay of all junior HP tennis programs around the country. They make HP tennis possible as it is their parents who support tennis clubs, coaches, equipment and clothing manufacturers and very often those players ranked below 100 as well as under-served groups Gameboy so worried about. USTA does not provide any resources to these players except overcharging them for poorly run sanctioned tournaments often conducted in questionable locations at inconvenient times and in weird conditions. Most of them are looking forward to become college players. But Gameboy does not care about this kind of players and will be fine if college tennis goes away because it does not serve his needs. Even worse these pesky tennis players may take 10+ Ivy spots reserved for his daughter.
Parents of these poor souls actually want junior tennis to be a positive experience for their kids and they are advocating some reasonable National tournament schedule that would really achieve the goals stated by USTA - cheaper participation, less missed school, ability to compete at the proper level as well as reasonable access to college recruiting showcases. Proposed tournament schedule mostly does not achieve these goals and many parents are obviously upset. But here comes Gameboy and tells us - screw you - you and your kids are not important so shut up. And the best part is that Gameboy has probably never been to a junior tennis tournament.
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