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Originally Posted by leech View Post
I should have put this in my original post, but in my singles ladder, I've played 26 matches overall and am 6-6 vs. opponents with an NTRP rating of 3.5. I seemed to have been matched up against inferior opponents during my USTA league season and gotten some fortunate breaks for me to have gone 8-0 in league play, but it's not quite so clear that 3.5 does not challenge me enough.
Be careful with unsanctioned leagues if thats what youre talking about. It's quite common to see a "Jeckyl and Hyde" thing going on when you see the same person playing in two different leagues, one being sanctioned and one not.

When NTRP is on the line people tend to be dramatically worse than when its not.

Two weeks ago I played against a 4.0 girl who was obviously way overrated. I was talking with my partner about her later and she says she remembers playing that lady in 4.0/8.0 and that she thinks her 4.0 rating is because people dump to her, lol. Honestly, I would say that lady was a mid 3.0 at best, but somehow overtime ended up a 4.0 "C".
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