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Originally Posted by klu375 View Post
Gameboy attains his happiness by listening to his daughter playing piano and watching her doing Singapore math. He attempted to enjoy her playing tennis but it did not pan out. So he smartly concluded that investing time and money in tennis would produce negative ROI and would just distract her from achieving the goal of his life - for her to be accepted into IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY.
... But here comes Gameboy and tells us - screw you - you and your kids are not important so shut up. And the best part is that Gameboy has probably never been to a junior tennis tournament.
Personally attacking me or my daughter is not going to bother me. I have bigger things to worry about than some random Internet guy hurting my feelings. So go right ahead, attack away. I am just not going to respond in kind, because it is pointless.

I have been to junior tennis tournaments. I played a few when I was younger. I was certainly not a top 1000 player, but I know a bit about the tournament circuit. The reason why I am limiting my daughter's exposure to all that is because of things that I saw (which has just gotten worse based on posts around here).
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