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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Its more the parents than the students to be honest. Same arguments, the draws used to be larger to include some lower ranked kids, they planned family trips around it, etc. They worry about exposure to college coaches.

Our city tennis center has added some more local tournaments. We will make use of video and networking to put kids in front of more college coaches.
Thanks for your response. I understand the "family trip" thing, but I don't think that is a substantive consideration, at least for my family. My family is responsible for the family trips we take, not USTA.

As far as exposure to college coaches (I don't know how old your students are) I think there are a lot of workarounds there too. College coaches need the same number of players regardless of the USTA national tournament policy.

As an aside, I've coached a number of youth sports teams in various sports. Something I learned....and I started to tell parents at the beginning of every new season is "If the player doesn't have a problem then there is no problem"
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