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Default TW Fantasy Tennis - Match 16 (Sept 17-31)

Hello, and welcome to the 16th match of the TW Fantasy Tennis season, and final match of our regular season. This match will involve the 250 events in Metz, St. Petersburg, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok.

League File

The rules are the same as usual - each player will choose one player 1-20, one 21-40, one 41-60, one 61-80, and one 81-100+, based on the current ATP rankings. Please refer to the current ATP rankings when selecting players.

Here are the entry lists for these events
St. Petersburg

Kuala Lumpur

Here is the selection order for this match:
1. Eternity
2. kishnabe
3. Walenty
5. wrxinsc
6. purespin
7. jbf#1
8. boredone3456

As with in the past, each person will have 12 hours to make their picks, if they don't pick in that time then the person behind them in the order may pick. The person who gets skipped can still make their picks whenever, but of course may miss out on a player they want.

And here are the matchups for this match.

FEDERERNADAL13 vs Eternity
boredone3456 vs jbf#1
kishnabe vs purespin
wrxinsc vs Walenty

If a player withdraws late from the event, you may replace him with another player from the same range who has not been chosen.

If there are any questions, feel free to post, otherwise, good luck to all!
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