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1. The family trip dynamic was a big deal. Many of these families also brought along younger siblings and cousins. Good way to hook the younger ones into tennis. The trips were extended time to bond and generate good feelings about tennis. I do not think the USTA did tennis a service by lessening these experiences for tennis families.

Sure these families can now still take their family trips, and they will, with no thought of tennis or spreading it to the next generation.

2. Tennis coaches need the same number of players....but they do not need any more incentive to go after even more foreign players.

3. Tennis kids 'not having a problem with it' does not make sense to me, kids are kids. They do not care that their younger cousins get exposed to tennis, or that local restaurants get a bump and also have good feelings about tennis. And they are not thinking about whether a college coach might use the lower draws to give more consideration to the foreign boy his associate coach told him about.

Your saying about the players not having a problem with it then parents should not might apply to 8 year olds playing baseball. It does not fit tennis kids who have scholarship possibilities in their future. And it does not apply to a sport where parents are asked to foot such heavy bills. The parent's money keeps youth tennis in existence.
1. Assume for now that your Point #1 is valid. Wonder why tennis seems to be the only sport that exhibits this characteristic. I am not aware of it in other youth sports.

2. If I am understanding correctly, fewer national tournaments in centralized locations in the US will make it more difficult and expensive for college coaches to to compensate they will go overseas to recruit?

3. Baseball players don't have scholarship opportunities? Or players in other sports?

No one here needs to believe me. Anyone can check out message boards like this for other youth sports. The couple I follow just don't seem to have the concerns that come up here in connection with national competition. I guess tennis is just different.
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