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1. Assume for now that your Point #1 is valid. Wonder why tennis seems to be the only sport that exhibits this characteristic. I am not aware of it in other youth sports.

I think we have disagreed before on the amount of traveling done by select soccer teams and the like, but no matter. I don't think that's the issue.

I think too much time is spent comparing Tennis to other team sports and I think the analogies fall apart pretty quickly. I think the answer lies in the uniqueness of tennis. It is both an individual sport, like swimming and golf, but it's also a head-to-head sport. Like Andre and Mike Agassi pointed out, its closest analogy is really that dying sport known as boxing.

Peoples objections with the changes vary by section. Under the changes, there are numerous smaller sections, that nonetheless encompass a multi-state area, where even the 3rd or 4th best player won't even qualify for a regional, never mind a national. In these smaller sections the top half dozen kids are playing each other over and over. They need and want the occasional variety the regionals, opens and nationals offer.

With team sports, teams make ups change, seniors graduate, freshman step up, bench players become starters, so even tough you may play the same team over an over again, it doesn't have the sameness to it. With tennis you have the same kids in the same age groups playing each other over and over for years.
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