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Thanks so much for your input, much appreciated. It is funny that you mention the Flexpoint Radical Tour IHTM. That seems to have pretty much my ideal specs, 58 flex (pt57a like?), open pattern, 100 head size etc. It had been a while since I hit with the Agassi LE but it did feel a bit 'sluggish' from memory. I was worried that the larger head size would lead to a heavy swingweight on some of the OS racquets, a bit like the 269.1 (pro stock Youtek Radical Pro)? That is probably my ultimate stick but it has so much weight in the head that to get it down to my ideal balance it needs weigh about 360 grams, about 10 too much for me ideally.

I've actually got a Flexpoint Radical Tour that a mate of mine won his first futures tournament with who's gone on to much bigger and better things but funnily enough had never hit it, had always preferred to try pro stocks instead!

I'm going to change the pallets and cut it longer to probably 27.5 and take it to the court today in comparison to the Agassi LE, pt57a, h22, pro stock open pattern Blx Blade, Pure Control Plus and 269.1. What's the bet that like every other racquet, it will be great for certain elements but one of the others will better it in another and I'll just end up more confused..

I'll report back with how I get on..
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