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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
What did he do that was so outrageous after the AO match? Do you remember Rafa's reaction after winning the semi of the Olympics in a very difficult match against Djoko in 2008? Maybe you need to have your memory refreshed. I can guarantee you that it was not subdued and nor should it have been. A major victory calls for an explosive reaction sometimes, it calls for joyful release and nothing wrong with that.
Did Nadal rip his shirt and beat his chest? No.

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AO gorilla/caveman celebration was silly and classless as was smashing hell out of a sponsors sign at the FO. He is bad in victory or defeat, I wish he'd go back to being a light-hearted joker but that would mean watching him bounce the ball 17 time before serving.
I know, he actually damaged property at Roland Garros and they needed to replace the damaged property. And no penalty. Unbelievable.
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