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Originally Posted by backttennis View Post
I just played my first season USTA in the summer and received my early start rating.

If I do not join a fall/winter USTA team or play again before year-end ratings come out, is my early start rating going to definitely be my year-end rating, or could it be adjusted up or down due to other factors even if I do not play again before year end?

Our summer team did not do that well or go to districts. Also, another self-rated player who I beat (her first match) now has a dynamic rating which could possibly affect the year end calculations, I would think.

It's not a huge concern, I'm just curious because I'm still trying to decide if I want to play USTA in the winter.
Early start ratings are only valid until the year end rating comes out. You can keep playing on the teams you already signed up for with the ES rating, but all subsequent teams you sign up for have to be using the YE rating.
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