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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
I agree, the Tour 89 is the real deal. I used to play with the RDS001 and found it acceptable, but a bit stiff and dead feeling. The Tour 89 is an upgrade in every facet of the frame. The higher swingweight improves the power a bit and the control is also improved with the tighter pattern. The flex for the 89 is strange -- it's firm but transmits a lot of feel. The upper hoop also seems more responsive. Both serve great, but the Tour 89 seems to swing a bit faster.

All in all, if the 95 is anything like the 89, then the VCORE series is a winner. I haven't played with Yonex in 3 years, but man this new frame is awesome.
I couldn't agree more, I like it even more than my beloved RDX500 mid. It is a lot like the MP 1 Tour imo.
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