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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
^^ funny that you refer to the "wider beam." The Q has a straight 22.5 mm beam, your racquet has a straight 22 mm beam, a difference probably within the margin of error of measurement and one you'd be unlikely to even detect by looking at the racquets. Also, your racquet has less, not more, of the kinetic technology as they've added more kinetic cells in the new frames.
It's not just the beam width, it's also coupled with the higher stiffness. If you raised the stiffness by the same amount again, you would have something as stiff as a Pure Drive. The spec changes look significant to me. Obviously, they are moving it in the direction of a tweener frame. I suppose that's not such a bad idea since they also sell the QTour anyway. Knowing my game and personal preferences, I would probably like the QTour better, but I won't know for sure until I try.

I heard that the Q Series has 4 kinetic chambers at the 2, 10, 8, and 4 positions, and that's it, while the Ionic/Kinetic series has a kinetic strip that covers most of the hoop and also has kinetic particles in the handle. I've also heard from QTour owners on this forum that you can barely hear the particles when you shake the racquet, but that sound is more pronounced in the Ionic/Kinetic frames.
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