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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Ugh. Played a practice set today, after forehand practice, and what stroke breaks down? The forehand

Was actually doing relatively well for the first 5 games, then a whole bunch of UE came up. Started with me getting pi$$ed off at my serving, which affected the rest of my game. I need to get fitter (am already a lot better than 2 months ago). But I kinda went away mentally, and that kinda burns more.

I need to get more height on the rally balls, I am not getting enough time to recover.

Anyway, constructive criticism always welcome.
Hey Greg, as you know, practice sets are just as important as drills. There were 2 things I could see from that view that I can comment on.

First, the quality of your shot preparation needs work. You seemed late on almost every shot, especially forehands. You were running into contact even when it shouldn't have been necessary because your preparation was late. On most shots, there's no reason that you can't be loaded up and ready to swing before the ball gets there. I don't recall seeing that once. Shot preparation is the missing element in the overall quality of your play.

I like this video (taken by our own Aimr75), because it's a close up, court level, view of what world class shot preparation looks like:

Second, in the heat of battle, you reverted to that big loop on your forehand takeback. As you know, I would prefer to see you take your hand straight back (preferably at ball height), with the racquet head straight up at your head height. I think that will improve both your power, spin and clean ball striking.

But, even with the big loop, if your shot preparation is there, you'll still get much more consistent quality shotmaking.

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