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Originally Posted by stapletonj View Post
I have a vcore 100s
had it strung with gamma verve 17 at 54 and it seemed a little too loose.

So I had it strung up with the same string at 62 lbs on the same
machine. OUCH!

Talked with some players and they said if I laid the racket on the ground and stepped on the string bed some, it would loosen it up about 5-6 lbs without having to cut it out, spend more $$$, and restring.

Anybody ever heard of this? Should I get a really fat friend to do it if I want to lower the string tension even more? How often should I step on the strings and for how long to achieve the desire effect?
Verve will loosen in no time, hit with it for the first part of 2 practice sessions and then it should feel great....this frame will likely not last as long as the one strung at 54....based on the stretch involved with stringing it at 62
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