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I've tried a number of hybrid setups - to the point where I purchased a stringing machine so I don't break the bank experimenting.

Of course it all comes down to what you are trying to get from your strings. Are you looking for power, control, arm friendly, spin, durability, etc... finding a decent combination of the above is why I switched to hybrid.

One of the biggest reasons for hybrid in my experience is to get the positives of poly while not having a full bed of it.

I am currently using the following poly/syngut combos:
- MSV Co-Focus/OGSM and MSV FOcus Hex Soft/Forten Dynamix I get a little more control/crispiness with the former and more power/softer with the latter. I highly recommend both. They are also very cost-friendly solutions. I string them from 49-52lbs on the main and 4lbs higher on the crosses.

I switched my wife to the MSV Focus Hex Soft/Forten hybrid but she didn't like it - her first real 'poly' experience.

She is sticking to Head's IntelliString Hybrid which is a really wonderful string that plays very well. Much more forgiving than any poly mix and most of the benefits. She plays it at 55lbs and has sworn me to never change her string/tension again!

I have also played with some of the Babolat poly/syngut combos you can try and for the cost I think the Babolat strings are highly over rated.

You really don't have to buy costly strings to get a great hybrid setup. Too much marketing being done from that front.

Also - be careful - trying different combinations gets to be very addictive - and expensive.

Highly recommend stringing your own if you go down this path
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