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Ok here we go.

Your setup and preparation as limp says is way off. When the ball bounces you are still moving back and the racquet is not back. You look rushed all the time.

Pause your video here at 4 secs where the ball bounces.

The racquet is still in front of you, your wrist is c0cked back (which i don't like), you are in a neutral stance and are moving backwards.

At this point you should be already setup with weight loaded on the right leg, the racquet back with neutral wrist, knees bent and left arm extended, body coiled and waiting to strike. None of that is happening here at this point.

Take a look at image A above. You are off balance, Look at the angle of your racquet - your wrist is c0cked back, you are stepping forward with your right foot?? and your hips are not coiled ( which they never are )

You are not coiling your hips so your whole swing is done from the shoulders and arm only.
Look at your forehands here:
There is no torque in your hips. they are pretty much facing the net the whole time. You have a very slight hip turn but definitely not enough. Your hips should be turned more than your legs. Your torso and shoulders should be turned more than your hips. This creates the torque that is unleased.

Left Leg:
You have a habit of actually stepping to the left with your left leg. You should be loading your weight on your right leg and pushing off the right leg.

Look at the forehands here and focus on your left leg:

You are stepping (not loading) on your right leg and then actively doing a step to the left with your left leg almost like you are loading on your left leg. This shifts your balance and weight far to the left before you make contact. This throws you way off balance.

Look at image B above. A lot of your shots look like this because you are stepping w/ your left leg and it throws you off balance. See where your left arm is? It's dangling out there trying to keep balance. It almost looks like you are going to fall over.
Balance is everything. Gotta fix that.

So when you don't coil, don't load and step to the left like that you are off balance, there is no explosion, and the energy will not be directed to the contact point. Instead of loading and exploding the energy at contact your energy kind of slowly dissipates throughout the whole swing with the focus of the highest point of release being somewhere out in front of you, to the left and above the contact point.

Look at images A, B and C above. The yellow 'x' is where your energy seems to be focused.

Look at Safin in image D. The red 'x' is where his energy is directed and released at. See the difference?

Now with 'focus of energy release' in mind take a look at your fh's starting here. Note the left leg action, the (lack of) hip coil and just the whole 'feeling' of the strokes:

Now, contrast that with these 2 fh's here by Safin. Look how he loads, coils and explodes on the ball. Especially the 2nd one. You can really see the explosion of energy directed at the contact point. He's not even going all out 100%. It's just that all his effort is directed to one point in space. Focused energy. In fact his rhs is about the same as some of your shots. yours is pretty good. It's just that he knows where to put it all.

So, given the above points, I'd suspect that you can't really hit an effective inside out fh right? And probably all of your shots have the same type of spin every time correct? There's probably no sidespin or reverse sidespin component on your shots I would guess. If you can address some of the above I'll bet that would change.

If you can fix the feet issues that would be a good start.

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