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Originally Posted by stoneage View Post
It is included. If you look at the formula:

You can see that both the swing weight (sw) and the balance (c) are in the numerator. So increasing either will increase me and make the curve steeper, but in a slightly different way.
Tonight I played with 2 identical rackets and customized to same endspecs, 327 g, 33.3 balance, 335 sw.

One racket had all the added weight at the sides and the other one in a more polarized manner.

The played very different despite having the same curve (and the same MgR/I). I am not only referring to ball trajectory, but also the felt racketheadcontrol. The polarized one has a whippier feel than the other one.

The equivalent mass is the same for both rackets, but do you know why they play so different? I think I know why just by experience, but it would be great if there was a scientific explanation.
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